Cycling Back into Detroit

Imagine being a high-energy, results-oriented professional working in retail management and client service in New York City and managing high-profile revenue generating locations such as, French Connection, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture and flagship locations such as G-Star and Tommy Hilfiger.

And then your hometown beckons you to come back and take part in its revitalization.

Shortly after arriving back in the Motor City, you’re involved in a biking accident which becomes the driving force for a business idea and leads you to winning $50,000 in grant funding recently.

Meet Amina Daniels, a former All-American track and field athlete where fitness has always been a passion. While living in the Big Apple, Daniels fell in love with outdoor cycling initially because it was a great source of exercise and transportation.

However, an outdoor biking accident drove her passion for indoor cycling.

After moving back to Detroit to become part of its renaissance in the Fall of 2013, Daniels was involved in an accident while biking outdoors. As a result, her interest in indoor cycling increased significantly and a business idea was born–Live Cycle Delight, which happens to be this year’s Hatch Detroit’s winner.

I recently asked Daniels for thoughts on Life Cycle Delight, winning $50,000 in grant funding and moving back to Detroit.

Lee: What motivated you to join the Hatch Detroit contest?

Daniels: I had a dream of opening a cycle studio in my hometown of Detroit, I signed up for Retail Boot Camp at TechTown. It was there I learned about the Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest presented by Opportunity Detroit, and its most recent winner Sister Pie. From then on, I knew I wanted to be the next Comerica Hatch Detroit winner.

Lee: Your business concept is Live Cycle Delight. What is it and why did you choose Detroit?

Daniels: Live Cycle Delight will be the first contemporary indoor cycle studio to offer indoor cycling classes, feature a bike lounge and sell cold-pressed juice. I chose Detroit for several reasons; there is no indoor cycle studio in the Detroit, there is a large and growing bike community and I wanted to create a space where people could unite socially with fitness.

Lee: You recently won $50,000 in grants for business services. At the point your name was called, what was your reaction?

Daniels: I was in disbelief and amazed that all the hard work of my team paid off. I was extremely grateful for the friends, family and general public who believed in my business.

Lee: What are your plans for the grants you’ve received? In other words, where will you focus attention on your business? Marketing, Operations, Finance, Social Media?

Daniels: The grant will give me the ability to purchase equipment, and start a comprehensive marketing plan.

Lee: As part of the contest, you had to garner community support. What was your overall strategy and the selling points? What was your communication’s approach to get support for you and your business?

Daniels: We rolled out a comprehensive social media campaign to share our concept which motivated people vote, educated the public on the various ways to vote and created campaign materials to give to the public. Additionally, we ramped up social media posts, engaged with the community, partnered with local businesses and worked tirelessly to connect with the public everyday during the campaign.

Lee: When will Live Cycle Delight open and where?

Daniels: Live Cycle Delight plans to open January 1st 2016 in Eastern Market or Midtown Detroit.