“Conference Room” Changing Platforms in September, ’23

Beginning September, 2023, the popular “In the Conference Room with Mark S. Lee” broadcast will be heard across various social medial platforms, including YouTube.  It will be offered weekly and will feature interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the Detroit region and beyond.

Now in its fifth year, “Conference Room” provides a platform for listeners to receive the latest business news they can use while hearing from business, entrepreneurs and community leaders who provide practical solutions.

Lee, President & CEO, The LEE Group (TLG), has been a media contributor in Detroit and beyond for nearly a decade and has become a trusted face and voice for Detroit’s business community.  “Conference Room is a valuable resource within the community,” he says.  “And I’m proud to provide opportunities for people from across the city, region and beyond to share their stories for those willing to listen.”

He continues, “Consumers are gravitating towards non-traditional media so they can listen at their convenience.  And we’re excited to be a part of the evolving media landscape where people can tune in based on their busy lifestyles.  Thank you to those who have been loyal over the years and for putting their trust in “Conference Room” as a source of information..”

The change is effective September, 2023.